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Materials « Sierra School Works


The following materials were used in the Hands On Algebra professional development offered in Spring 2014 and Fall 2013 by the Sierra College STEM Collaborative. The Fall workshop was presented in partnership with Placer County Office of Education. (Some of these documents are in pdf format. Download Adobe Reader for free to view them.)

Spring 2014 Implementing the Standards of Practice Materials


Workshop 1 – Sierra STEM Hands-on Math V5 3-8-14 PowerPoint slides

Workshop 2 – Sierra STEM Hands-on Math 4-4-14 Workshop 2 powerpoint v3


Applied Algebra –- Measurement Lesson — How do you measure up

Shared Mini-Lesson on a Big Problem Sierra STEM Hands-on Math Lesson Plan outline

ACTivATE Hands-on Math Linear Lesson with Cups

Sierra STEM Spectrometer Lab Materials - Sierra STEM Spectrometer Use Lab-2 Sierra STEM Spectrometer Teaching Applications-3 Sierra STEM Spectrometer Parts Layout for Standard Letter Card Stock

Posters: Practices Posters

August 23 Class Materials:


September 6 Class Materials:


September 20 Class Materials:

  • Silent cooperative activity to build Squares- templates for groups of four & five Coop Squares
  • Silent cooperative activity to build trapezoids – templates for trapezoids Coop trapezoids

Projectile Motion Applied Algebra Unit on Quadratic Equations:

 Other Hands-on Algebra Reference Materials


Common Core Math Standards: ccssmathstandardaug2013

Nine Essentials: 9 essentials 8×11 (pdf)

Pocket Questions:  Pocket Q 8X11  Pocket Q 1  Pocket Q 2  Pocket Q 3  Pocket Q 4  Pocket Q 5 (pdf)

Posters: Grouping SMP 12 x 18 size  Essential & Topical 12 x 18 size  9 Essentials 12 x 18 size (pdf)

Tax Form: fw9 (pdf)