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Miller Road Show expected at Sierra College in Rocklin

Thursday, April 25th, 2013

 The Miller Roadshow Truck will be at Sierra College this Saturday offering advanced MIG & TIG welding classes.

The new Sierra College Mobile Welding lab will be unveiled and attendees can take short workshops in the new lab.

PG&E and over 20 welding industry partners will provide demonstrations at the Rocklin campus. Attendees can try live as well as virtual welding.

When: Saturday, April 27, 2013 from 9am – 4:00 pm.

Who: The American Welding Society Sierra College Student Chapter is hosting this event for families, students, welders and community members.

Why: Attendees can experience metal working from blacksmithing to state-of-the-art welding technology being used in construction and fabrication to rebuild America.


Find STEM classes at Roseville summer camp

Wednesday, January 30th, 2013

The City of Roseville  Utility Exploration Center will offer classes this summer to introduce students to environmental subjects in a fun adventure setting. THe center is located at 1501 Pleasant Grove Blvd in Roseville, Ca 95747 and the phone number is (916)746-1553.

Radical Recyclers

Course #62702, $115 RSVL, $125 NONRSVL, M-F, June 17-21, 9am-12pm, 6-12 yrs old (1st – 6th grade), 25 max

One person’s trash is another person’s treasure! What will you find?! Don’t throw away that shampoo bottle, old t-shirt or empty toilet paper roll. Make it into something else, like a new scarf, a reusable gift box, or a cell phone holder! At this summer camp we’ll turn all kinds of things we often toss away into something useful and fun including making our own paper. We will also visit the Materials Recovery Facility where our trash gets sorted and recycled.

Disassemble it! Explore it! Rebuild it!

Course #62705, $115 RSVL, $125 NONRSVL, M-F, June 24-28, 9am-12pm, 12-18 yrs old (6th – 12th grade), 25 max

Ever wondered what’s inside a computer, cell phone or flat screen TV? Take apart some common household electronics to find out what they are made out of and what YOU can make from their parts. Using basic tools, participants will take apart electronics and use pieces to create their own working invention, an amplifier for listening to music on your I-pod or cell phone! We will explore science, mathematics, engineering and technology, and send campers off with a desire to want more!

WARNING – After camp, kids may want to keep taking things apart!

Energy Explorers

Course #62703, $115 RSVL, $125 NONRSVL, M-F, July 8-12, 9am-12pm, 6-12 yrs old (1st – 6th grade), 25 max

What exactly is energy? Have you ever seen it? Heard it? Touched it? Together we’ll discover some of the tools and gadgets that make energy come alive. We’ll travel the path of a power line, uncovering the mystery of how energy is generated by visiting the American River Water Education Center and Folsom Dam, and explore the magical journey it takes to get to our homes and schools. Join us for an electrifying week of fun and discovery!

Wild Child Outdoor Photo Camp

Course #63081, $115 RSVL, $125 nonRSVL, M-F, July 8-12, 1-3pm, 8-12 yr old, 15 max, 6 min.

Campers will learn to capture images using various manual settings on digital cameras provided by the instructor. Instruction includes composition, portraiture, macro (close-up), self-timer, lighting, depth of field and tips & tricks. Self-evaluation and critique are also explored. Shooting assignments will take place throughout Mahany Regional Park and within the Exploration Center. Photos can be viewed in an online gallery and select photos will be on public display in the Exploration Center through the end of August. Campers will receive their photographs at the conclusion of the show and a t-shirt declaring them a photographer and graduate of Wild Child Outdoor Photo Camp.

Water Warriors

Course #62704, $115 RSVL, $125 NONRSVL, M-F, July 15-19, 9am-12pm, 6-12 yrs old (1st – 6th grade), 25 max

Did you know that the Earth has the same amount of water today as it did 4 billion years ago? In fact, the water you drink today may have once been inside a glacier or even a dinosaur. Join us as we follow a drop of water from the sky, down a creek, through a treatment plant, then out a squirt gun! During this amazing summer camp, we will get dirty in our local creek, take a field trip to our [American River Water Education Center/wastewater treatment plant] to see how Roseville cleans our water and, of course, get wet along the way. Water – we can’t live without it!