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Materials « Sierra School Works


These documents will help those interested in offering the CACT Tech-Explorer project or developing a similar integrated curriculum project.


Catapult materials list Sierra College CACT Tech-Explorer

Additional materials for Elecrical Release Catapult Sierra College Tech-Explorer

Solar Catapult Materials Sierra College Tech-Explorer Catapult

Materials for Microcontroller version of Catapult Sierra College Tech-Explorer

Catapult Major Tool List Sierra College Tech-Explorer

More information about the equipment needed for the Tech-Explorer catapult

Student Forms

Artist’s Photo Release
Catapult Safety Agreement

Teacher Information

California Education Standards for Catapult project

Links to projectile web sites: http://www.phy.hk/wiki/englishhtm/ThrowABall.htm, http://publicliterature.org/tools/projectile_motion/, http://www.tinafad.com/projectile/index.php, http://www.netzmedien.de/projectilemotion/scripting.html

PowerPoint on the Parabolic Curve & Applications Sierra College Tech-Explorer Catapult Parabolic_Curve_and_Applications PPT

Project Administrator Materials