Businesses have donated mills, lathes, drills, hand tools and CNC machines to schools. These allow students to have real world experiences using equipment used in industry. Harris & Bruno in Roseville arranged for a donation of a mill to the Lincoln High School iDesign.

Parts, fasteners and other supplies

You may have excess inventory of materials, fasteners and other supplies that classrooms may be able to use for hands-on projects. For example, the Granite Bay High School Robotics Club that participates in the FIRST competition was seeking materials such as polycarbonate, butt splices, terminals, cable ties, roller chain and aluminum in various forms – flat, channel, tube and angle corners.

Scrap Materials

Your scrap materials may be ideal for student projects. For example, scrap plastic disks were made into an iDesign clock project at Lincoln High School. Schools are looking for wood, metal, plastic and other materials. Click here for a Scrap wanted sign to post at your worksite.


Employers and community organizations can help sustain applied academic programs by providing funding for materials and supplies.

The schools can provide businesses with a letter acknowledging the donation. Your contribution may be tax deductible; check with your tax advisor.

Sierra College STEM Collaborative can help companies identify schools in Placer and Nevada counties that could use the donated materials. Contact Sierra STEM