By offering tours of your facilities to teachers as a class field trip, students can visualize how they skills they are learning in class are applied in the work place. Some students from Colfax visited Schilling Robotics in Davis and students at Lincoln High School visited RobbJack Corp. in Lincoln.

Job Shadow

parallaxBusinesses may also want to offer a several hour job shadow for individual students. A Lincoln iDesign student participated in a job shadow with Parallax Inc. in Rocklin. The student said: “The Human Resources Manager met with me briefly and then I spent the next four hours touring the entire company with the Applications Engineer and Engineering Technician.  I observed products in various stages of production. I would definitely recommend job shadowing to any student who is having trouble deciding among various career choices.  It is easy and fun to shadow and it takes just a few hours of your time to gain so much information about career decisions that affect your future.”


Some employers offer part-time paid or un-paid employment to students who can often earn credits for participating in an internship. Advanced students appreciate the opportunity to refine their classroom skills in a real work environment and benefit from experienced employees mentoring them. An intern may eventually become part of your workforce.

The Sierra STEM Collaborative can work with employers interested in offering student tours, jobs shadows and internships; contact the Sierra STEM Collaborative.

Links to Sierra College faculty for recruiting

Sierra College faculty in the Mechatronics, Engineering, Energy Technology and Engineering Support Technology programs are interested in commecting with local employers to help businesses with recruiting and provide opportunities for students preparing for STEM careers. Contact Sierra School Works for more information.

What employers want to know about Mechatronics — Work-Ready Technicians — Mechatronics at Sierra College employer info