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Colfax Student Movies Highlight Sierra STEM Impact

Thursday, October 31st, 2013

Colfax High School students who benefited from the freshmen Tech Essentials course supported by Sierra College STEM, recently made these STEM interview movies as sophomores. Thanks to Wade Wolff who guided these students in producing this project. The interviews with teachers, counselors and the principal describe the impact that the Sierra STEM Collaborative has had at Colfax High School. Click the links below to see the four movies on the Colfax You Tube ColfaxMultimedia Channel.

Colfax Tech Essentials Teacm

Tech Essentials Team – The Colfax High School Tech Essentials teaching team talks about the positive impact the Sierra STEM Collaborative partnership. The support made it possible to create a Tech Essentials program and curriculum for freshmen. That model is now being used through the Placer Union High School District.


Principal – Principal Rick Spears talks about the Sierra College STEM Collaborative and the CTE program at Colfax High. Teachers have benefited from collaboration time, professional development and cutting edge tools. As a result, all Colfax students are being exposed to STEM Curriculum and opportunities after high school.

Career College Counselor – Career College counselor Bobbi Jo Forsyth talks about how the Career Cruising program, supplied by Sierra College STEM Collaborative, is helping her do her job at Colfax High School and attract students, especially girls, to Science, Technology, Engineering & Math.

Counselor – Counselor Rachel Dalton talks about using the Career Cruising program at Colfax High School. Students start using it as freshmen and can use it throughout high school to explore careers, discover their interests, research colleges and make career plans.

The students who made these movies gained valuable skills from the Tech Essentials course that all freshmen take at Colfax High School to learn applied academics. The course taught them to teamwork, project management and documentation as well as provided an introduction to Career Technical Education courses covering engineering, metal fabrication, woodworking, electronics, multi-media and photography. Sierra STEM provides support to the teacher team that created this Tech Essentials course and has supplied equipment to bring the design and innovation labs up to date.

Sierra STEM Offers Career Cruising Feb. 4

Thursday, January 24th, 2013

Teachers & Counselors learn to Career Cruising at Sierra STEM Workshop

Teachers, counselors and administrators from schools that have a Career Cruising license through the Sierra STEM Collaborative can participate in training on Feb 4, from 1 – 5 PM. Mony Pal from Career Cruising will conduct the afternoon workshop. She will review system basics and how to use the four year planning tool. Participants will gain tools and resources to emphasize opportunities in Science, Technology, Engineering & Math careers.

Career Cruising introduces STEM Careers

Wednesday, November 9th, 2011

Five high schools that have been provided a Career Cruising license though the Sierra STEM Collaborative grant report that many students are using the program to explore careers.

In the first quarter of FY 2011-12:

  • 1,761 students researched Sierra College programs
  • 1,502 students researched Science, Technology, Engineering & Math (STEM) careers

STEM Careers Workshop held for Counselors

Thursday, October 6th, 2011

Sierra STEM Collaborative held a STEM Careers Workshop for 25 counselors on Sept 19 hosted by the Placer Union High School District. Michael Brown, a teacher with NUHSD, led the discussion on introducing STEM career to students as part of using the Career Cruising program. Sierra STEM has provided Career Cruising licenses to local schools to make it easier for students to research STEM careers. Participants also explored the Sierra College CTE web site using a lesson plan developed by Michael Brown.

On the evaluations, 95% of the participants rated the workshop excellent or good. They indicated that they gained valuable, “resources and handouts,” “websites,” and “lesson on the Sierra College CTE programs.” They appreciated “the passion of the presenter – keeps us engaged and reminded of why we are in the field,” and “hearing how Career Cruising is being used at other schools.” They liked “working with Career Cruising site” and “researching Sierra College programs using the computer.”