NSF Grant  

Sierra College was awarded a $150,000 grant in May 2010 from the National Science Foundation (NSF – nsf.gov) to expand its Tech-Explorer program, which enhances learning through hands-on project-based laboratory experiences. The grant funds will be used to develop and test the impact of integrating mathematics curriculum into the building of a catapult.

The NSF supports excellence in science and engineering education and has a goal to advance the frontiers of knowledge and cultivate a world-class science and engineering workforce.

The NSF grant #1003259 Department of Undergraduate Education “Tech-Explorer: Engaging Students in Science, Technology, Engineering and Math Education and Career Pathways” will enable Sierra College to enhance its efforts using the Tech-Exploreer Catapult Project in two significant ways;

  • Further development, integration, and testing of mathematics lessons into the Tech-Explorer  catapult building project. Two instructional modules will be created that are connected to California education content standards. Student learning and retention will then be evaluated.
  • Sierra will host an in-service summer institute for teachers to gain knowledge of how to teach project-based learning. This institute will be open to all instructors throughout the region from middle school, high school and community college.

Principal Investigators: Michael Kane, Associate Dean, Science & Mathematics, Sierra College and Sandra Scott, Educational Consultant 916-871-2308.

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Sierra College Proposal for Tech-Explorer: Engaging Students in Science, Technology, Enegineering and Math (STEM) Education and Careers

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