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Sierra College, with schools and businesses, promotes Science, Technology, Engineering & Math (STEM) integrated curriculum to prepare students for college and highly paid, in-demand technical careers in the Sacramento region.


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Prepare STEM students for Advanced Manufacturing careers. Sierra College STEM supports college and high school labs, shares curriculum, offers teachers professional development and promotes STEM careers to students. Ignite Your CTE Students Math Skills Webinar



Tom Stargaard, Del Oro High School teacher, shows product made with new 3D printer provided by Sierra College STEM Collaborative.

Tom Stargaard, Del Oro High School teacher, shows product made with new 3D printer provided by Sierra College STEM Collaborative.

Teach Soft Skills to Increase Students’ Success brief written by Elizabeth Dayton, Ph.D. was produced by the CCCCO Special Populations Collaborative Project to help instructors enhance students’ 21st century competencies and is a summary of the literature review. March 2016

Understanding Soft Skills by Elizabeth Dayton Ph.D is a literature review of best practices instructors can use in the classroom to teach 21st century competencies sought by employers and increase students’ success in pursuing careers. January 2016

Exploring STEAM Science Technology Engineering Arts & Math E Dayton Sierra College STEM by Elizabeth Dayton, Ph.D. for the Sierra College STEM Collaborative explores evidence in support of adding arts and innovation to our national effort to encourage STEM Education and careers. June 25, 2014

Sierra STEM Overview Feb 6 2013 Overview of the Sierra STEM Collaborative objectives, programs supported, focus on the manufacturing & product development and engineering & design career pathways and the accomplishments.

SIerra College 3D Printing Report Additive Manufacturing – Turning Mind into Matter Industry Evaluation and Recommendations Report Prepared for Sierra College Center for Applied Competitive Technologies (CACT) by Neal de Beer, Ph.D. May 31, 2012

Sierra College CACT Additive Manufacturing Presentation 2013 Power Point Presentation on 3D printing

FACTORS THAT INFLUENCE FEMALES’ PURSUIT OF STEM FIELDS E. Dayton for Sierra College STEM Factors that Influence Females’ Pursuit of STEM Fields — A literature review emphasizing psychological influences prepared by Elizabeth Dayton, Ph.D. for Sierra College STEM Collaborative

6-24-2016 CCCCO Special Populations Initiative — Serve Veterans to Support their Success

6-24-2016 CCCCO Special Populations Initiative — Supporting Veteran Students in the California Community Colleges



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