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CMTA Champions of Manufacturing Summit

Monday, May 19th, 2014

The California Manufacturers and Technology Association will host a live webcast on June 18, 2014.

CMTA Champions of Manufacturing Summit

Hosted by Adam Carolla, hear about the growth in California manufacturing. These firms have been selected as Champions of Manufacturing:

Sierra Nevada Brewing Company
California Steel Industries
California Custom Fruits and Flavors
Vista Metals
Keystone Engineering Company

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Catapult Launches Interest in Product Development Careers

Wednesday, January 11th, 2012

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Del Oro High School students in Loomis may never have considered how products such as phones, sun glasses and cars are designed, produced and sold. After building the Tech-Explorer catapults, developed by Sierra College in Rocklin, CA through grant funding, freshman in the Tech Essentials class discovered new skills and explored careers in design and product development.

Daniel Gayaldo, Principal, Del Oro High School says that the school has benefited from the Sierra College STEM Collaborative ( Through the partnership with Sierra College, teachers had professional development opportunities, consulted with college faculty and went on externships at manufacturers. In addition, the grant provided classroom equipment similar to what is used in industry and projects like the Tech-Explorer catapult. “The grant provided by Sierra College through the Sierra STEM Collaborative has opened up an exciting new world of hands-on experiences to our students,” said Gayaldo.

Freshmen are enthusiastic about the applied academics catapult project that included using mills, lathes and hydraulic presses according to Tom Stargaard who teaches Tech Essentials at Del Oro. “For students who have never made something from scratch or used industrial tools, it is a very empowering experience,” said Stargaard.

After completing the catapults during the week of December 12, 2011, students’ evaluations were very positive. Del Oro students reported:

“I had fun getting to work hands-on with the tools and materials. I like the amount of trust we had to do it ourselves.”

“I liked learning how to use new tools and creating something that worked.”

“I enjoyed getting to build a project by myself.”

“My favorite part was finishing it and watching it in action.”

Sierra College’s goal is to interest high school students in Science, Technology, Engineering and Math (STEM) education and careers explained Carol-Pepper-Kittredge, Sierra College CACT director, who administers the program. “The applied learning experience exposes students to product development careers,” said Pepper-Kittredge. “If students discover an interest in manufacturing, they may want to study Mechatronics, Engineering, Welding, Energy Technology and Drafting Engineering Support at Sierra College and learn more at Local employers are actively recruiting from these programs,” said Pepper-Kittredge.

Students apply math and measurement skills to produce metal parts of the catapult using hand and power tools. Then they assemble the catapults and compete against each other to see whose ball goes the greatest distance and is the most accurate. To learn more, go to

The National Science Foundation and California Community College Chancellor’s Office awarded grants to Sierra College to create a pipeline of students from middle school to high school to college interested in and prepared to fill the need for skilled technical employees. For information, go to or contact Carol Pepper-Kittredge, director, Center for Applied Competitive Technologies, Sierra College, at or (916) 660-7801.

Sierra College and the California Conservation Corps Join Forces to Train and Employ Veterans

Tuesday, November 8th, 2011

The Sierra College Center for Applied Technologies (CACT) and the California Conservation Corps (CCC) are teaming up to provide energy efficiency and construction training and employment opportunities for recently discharged veterans.

Sacramento Vet flyer (2) Sacra mento-with McClellan 11 04 11

The CCC Placer Energy Center in Auburn and Sacramento asks interested veterans, who must be recently discharged and under the age of 25, to apply for employment by contacting Renee Podris at the CCC at 916-341-3107 or Successful applicants will begin working December 5, 2011.

The newly-hired veterans will receive Technical Education in Energy Efficiency and Construction (TE³C) training from the CACT and earn a lighting and electrical technology completion certificate. As CCC employees, they will gain hands-on experience in construction, lighting and electricity through energy efficiency projects at state agencies such as the DMV. State-wide projects in residential and commercial construction, landscaping and tree maintenance may provide additional experience.

The CACT will also provide employment skills training in resume development, interview skills and job search techniques with a focus on future employment in the energy efficiency construction industry. More than 50 CCC employees have already taken at least one of the five classes and 128 hours of TE³C courses offered by the CACT. The courses, featuring lectures and hands-on training, include weatherization, worker safety and alternative energy fundamentals.

The Sierra College CACT is funded through the Economic and Workforce Development program of the California Community College Chancellor’s Office. In operation since 1992, the Sierra College CACT has provided training for organizations, manufacturers and technology companies throughout Northern California. Additional information is available at or contact Carol Pepper-Kittredge at 916-660-7801 or Contact the CCC at